Narcissism and dating

Narcissists can be great performers in their chosen field because their exaggerated sense of self-confidence spurs them on to succeed.

They need to show the world just how important they really are.

They have good adaptive functioning skills and use their narcissistic traits as motivation to succeed.

If they are not only functioning, but functioning at a top level in their field, they probably will never get diagnosed as having Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Our society puts a high value on personal success and makes allowances for those who are high achievers.

Some of the traits of narcissism –such as inflated sense of self-confidence, arrogance and egocentrism are frequently attributed to people with a “big ego”.

But how can you tell if a person “just has a big ego” or if that person has crossed the line into the realm of narcissism?


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