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The device basically replaces the gun’s shoulder rest with a “support step” that covers the trigger opening.By holding the pistol grip with one hand and pushing forward on the barrel with the other, the shooter’s finger comes in contact with the trigger.The recoil then causes the gun to buck back and forth, repeatedly “bumping” the trigger against the finger.Technically, that means the finger is pulling the trigger for each round fired, keeping the weapon a legal semi-automatic.Andrea Leadsom was unfairly mocked this week for a slip of the tongue when, speaking in the House of Commons, she described Jane Austen as “one of our greatest living authors”.

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Sales for firearms or specific accessories seem to jump after every high-profile shooting.

This was, as Rich Greenhill pointed out, quite wrong.

1, 2013, file photo, an employee of North Raleigh Guns demonstrates how a “bump” stock works at the Raleigh, N. The gunman who unleashed hundreds of rounds of gunfire on a crowd of concertgoers in Las Vegas on Monday, Oct.

I thought it meant to insult indirectly and, having investigated, can report that this is broadly right.

It originated in the LGBT drag ball culture of 1980s Harlem.


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