Papas dating

Studies have shown that human touch can have a profound impact on the human experience. James Coan, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Virginia, conducted a study on this very idea. Coan found that holding hands made it easier for humans to cope with stressors.“Humans hold hands for a lot of reasons, but the primary one is to communicate affection, availability, and trustworthiness,” he said.It’s not the number of friends that matters; it’s the quality of his friendships that is most important.”Mimi said that one of the most intimate dates for young people back in the day was dancing! “The dances were anything from waltzes to jitterbug and tango.As the classic song goes, even guys with two left feet come out alright if the girl is sweet (“White Christmas,” anyone? Couples danced together, and you touched each other, but it was quite different from the way young people dance now.Mimi said that she and her friends would often meet young men in public settings (yes, like at pizza parlors) and eventually go on dates with them, such as going to the movie theater or taking walks downtown.

A girl in the 1950s always kept certain unspoken rules in the back of her mind that had been passed down by mothers and sisters.She said that a boy who didn’t ask you to go steady after a couple dates was probably bad news.While it is more common nowadays not to become exclusive, in the fifties the practice was to figure out your intentions early on.Mimi and Papa have been happily married for more than fifty years.They’ve had eight children and numerous grandchildren, and I often hear people wistfully say, “I want to be like them when I am older.” You don’t build a dynasty like that unless you’ve lived, learned, and done something right.We wont come back until I heard from another guy, that they improved.


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