Pathan women dating

Those women who give birth to females in succession without any male issue, curse their misfortune and shed tears of remorse on the birth of a female child.After the child's birth, precautionary measures are taken to protect the mother from evil spirits and genii.In the fourth stage the child, generally is sent to a Mullah in the village mosque for religious education, including learning by heart of Namaz and reading of the Holy Quran.He is first taught Kalma Tayyaba and later other tenets of Islam.This binding practice continues for over six months.The idea behind the binding of infants from shoulders to toes seems to be to prevent him from exhaustion or causing an injury to himself.The third important ceremony is know as Soonat i.e. The village barber again performs the Circumcision ceremony when the boy is over one year old.On this occasion the boy is made to sit on an earthen platter called Khanak in the compound of the house duly attended by his relatives. Well-to-do persons with pomp and sumptuous feast observe this ceremony.

Far more importance is, therefore, attached to sons as compared to daughters.The village Mullah receives some money for this religious service.The child is also given a dose of indigenous medicine called Ghotti.The village Mullah or priest or an old pious man performs the first important ceremony in the child’s life.The Mullah whispers Azaan (call to prayers or profession of faith) in his or her ears.The second important ceremony in a child's life is Sar Kalai or hair cutting.


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