Physiological implications of dating a younger man

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The only thing left on the table is sex and babies, and both of those can be had without marriage.

Check the American stats: most people have non-marital sex and most children are born out of wedlock. Why would a man buy milk when the cows believe they are “empowered” by giving away free milk every weekend?

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Feminism at its core is anti-motherhood and anti-matrimony.We used a human rights capabilities approach to explore social-ecological environment influences TDV.Through 3 focus groups and 11 interviews, we asked 37 youth and 21 adults in a racially and socioeconomically diverse, Southeastern US school district to share their views on how environment influences TDV. Results revealed themes and contrasts across youth and adult understandings of context and capabilities in TDV.The capabilities approach provides a promising framework for understanding school and community influences on TDV.If you are not married, make a pledge to yourself: Never date a Feminist…Rather, Feminism is about transforming the definition of in light of technological advances that allow for sexual intercourse to be separated from the conception of babies.


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