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Bottom line: Some people just feel nature's wrath harder than others for a lot of different reasons. For nightmare gas, taking probiotic supplements can help.So can eating more fermented foods, like kimchi or sauerkraut, since they can provide good bacteria to the colon, says Chutkan.Dirty Shack your number one source for dirty and perverse xxx videos. Share it with us, sign up for free and upload your content.Updated daily with fresh hot dirty porn videos, dirtyshack makes your dirty dreams come true. Anything that doesnt contain animals and minors is very welcome, as long as its not illegal!For lots of people, their morning cup helps get things moving on a regular basis.But during your period, this can translate to opening the floodgates.

You can also try popping OTC pain relievers like ibuprofen, since research shows these can reduce the release of prostaglandins (those hormone-like compounds that are associated with cramps and diarrhea). If you notice that you’re loading up on dairy, sugar, and salt right before you period, and then feeling like a bloated, gassy, loose cannon… Cutting back on gas-producing foods, like cruciferous vegetables and beans, can also help, she says.If constipation is your issue, Dweck suggests upping your fiber intake and drinking tons of water.“Some women say they will literally just eat anything in front of them.” (WHAT? Instead, can we all accept the possibility that your dinner of mac 'n' cheese followed by cookies-and-cream froyo could have caused those heinous period farts?Another reason you may poop more on your period: coffee.Watch free scat porn videos of men and women smearing shit on each other and eating poop. Women And Men love playing with each other and their poo and pee.


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