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However, I am 20 5 as of today and have a due date of March 25th.

Doc said I ovulated late which for me is extremely possible since I have polycystic ovaries and my cycle was a week later than normal the month or two prior to May. You're had two ultrasounds that agreed with each other on dating.

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Im getting quite concerned thinking my baby is not growing properly?

I remember having cramping on Jun 7th 2013 like I was going to come on my period but never did? ) this would still make me (by a pregnancy calculator) around 24 weeks and a due date of March 06 2014.

So this date is still not the same as the ultrasound date!

I know the dating scan date was accurate as I had to have an early scan due to bleeding at what everyone thought was 7 weeks but the scan showed nothing except for gestational sac so I was dated 4 weeks.

I was asked to return 2 weeks later and we saw the foetus with a foetal pole.


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