Problems updating flash player in firefox

Thus, Hola invests in protecting you and closing these workarounds as they are identified.

We also do not collect, store, or sell your personal identifiable information (PII), and never will.

These servers are then used for routing your traffic in order to change your IP, making you more secure and anonymous.

In addition, these VPN companies need to pay bandwidth bills for their users' traffic. This built-in cost, coupled with the need of any company to turn a profit, makes a traditional VPN service quite expensive for the end-user (typically around per month).

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This enables us to make Hola VPN free, and keep it free forever!

Hola can be installed as a browser extension to Chrome, Firefox, or Opera on Windows and Mac PCs.

Hola can also be installed as an app on Android or i OS, and is available as an application (.exe) for Windows.

Sign up for Hola premium here VPNs have existed for almost as long as the Internet.

VPN companies need to set up and maintain servers in various countries.


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