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And it was at that point where I was bend over this waist high table/bench thing we have in our bedroom which positions my butt hole at the right height for Grace's stapon; my eyes are closed, I'm in my sissy persona zone, grace is telling me how much I need to suck on a real cock.

How much I need to have my mouth filled with some real man's hot cum and I'm going Oh yes Auntie!

oh yes Auntie (That's what I call her when we are doing it), when all of a sudden there is this guy standing in front of me wearing a shawl or something over his head and down to his stomach and a bulging jock clearly packed with a hunk of prime meat.

Sticking straight up and drooling was another man's cock. That's what you will be doing a lot of from now on, Katrina decided.. I was performing oral sex on a strange man's throbbing penis with my wife on top of me giving me the most graphic orders and I was pretty much in the clouds of lust.

As I started to give this cock my first ever licking, I knew there was no stopping me now. And for a moment I realized that if I keep doing this, at some point Cock boy is going to blow his was probably into my mouth if I know how my wife thinks.

It was warm and soft yet hard as all us cock owners know! And what the fuck is that going to taste and smell like!

Anyway, Ami was ragging me about being a *** boy since Grace dominates the heck out of me when we have sex including me being Miss's Gracie's sissyboy which is hugely hot for both of us.

I was adventurous before I met and married my wife but it turned out I knew nothing about BDSM, femdom and the rest of it.


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