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I’m a non-custodial father and have had the very rude awakening of how unjust the system is towards divorced fathers".

Another said, "The legislation has been "amended" over the years so the Child Support Agency has such wide discretion. Neither do they, nor the politicians, seem to care about the effect their decision making is having on the people forced to be part of the Agency’s horrendous system." Another said, "I’m a serving soldier in the Australian Army.

Others of you mentioned Larry Anthony and I will be speaking to him. Another talked about trying to "stem the flood of male suicides" and a shiver went down my spine.

But what they suggest is that the domestic violence tail should wag the Family Court dog.

Domestic violence is not the norm in family breakdown.

The Australian, 2003-05-07, by Janet Albrechtsen In the photograph, the father is holding a tiny baby, a few weeks old, maybe less. In Australia upwards of 1 million children live separate from their fathers.

That photo of my father is on my fridge as a daily reminder of his love. So often the deep bond between father and child goes unnoticed. How else do you explain a society where fatherlessness is so common?


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