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Because he had a college degree, even as "248 dash 248," he was a team leader.

"I would've been bad off if I'd waited for them to call me back about a job. ' "I just said, 'Good to see you, Lyle.'" Later Carll talks about Lovett's influence.

Trouble in mind He was born in The Woodlands, but stints in other places have deepened Hayes Carll's outlook on life.

And when it's time for the singer/songwriter to get busy, he often goes to a place or recalls a time — the unhappier, the better — to inspire him.

Bugs Henderson splashes a warning on the inside sleeve for anyone who might not know the drill: "This is not elevator music. " There are no overdubs, no re-takes, and no fancy tricks on this live recording, captured on five consecutive nights in November 1994 in various ...

Not a Krautrock band, as the name and release date might suggest, Nitzinger's self-titled debut album from 1971 was in fact the work of a budding Texan guitar cult legend -- the one and only John Nitzinger -- and his namesake power trio, whose music consisted of eclectic but still blues-drenched Southern hard rock and post-psych.

The results include ZZ Top-style boogie and blues-rock ("Boogie Queen"), pre-Ted Nugent Gonzo guitar heroisms ("Witness to the Truth"), both of these at once ("Tickelick"), or neither, when it comes to the anthemic Southern rock of "My Last Goodbye," and semi-hit single "Louisiana Cock Fight." In addition, several cuts ("No Sun," "The Nature of Your Taste," etc.) see the trio augmented by soulful backup singers for a Mad Dogs & Englishmen sort of vibe, while others still see the versatile trio flirting with country-rock ("L. Texas Boy ") and plaintive balladry (the piano-enhanced "Enigma").

He vaguely references a laser light show and some other entertainment he regrets having taken in as a kid, but by the time he was 15 he was more obsessed with the Beats and rambling songwriters. "When you listen to Bob Dylan you're fairly certain he did not write that stuff in The Woodlands. These guys were expressing things I wasn't hearing in my hometown."I'm still attracted and drawn to the same kind of things that I was when I got into this," he says. "So I had to walk out onto that stage," Carll says, "and all I could think about was the title had already been done." If Carll went out shaky at that Colorado show, he sounds assured today."The travel and the lifestyle and the loneliness of life and things like that. I was looking at my diploma and it says '248 dash 248.' I thought, What does that mean? " Carll has found his place since then, a job that allows him to look back on those days for inspiration or a laugh or a phrase like "trouble in mind." Even that title draws a self-deprecating story. , but with a little more distance between the singer and his torn and frayed characters.I still see them periodically when fishing the river and/or flats.Biggest I ever saw was in 98 while working for Wylie PD.I think we're still two years from the next one." He cut a demo with some of the money from that job and used the rest to travel to Croatia. "He showed me a song doesn't have to be about a generic pace or rhyme scheme.


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