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What it was not supposed to be was a complicated police case, a string of murders and missing persons and an inexperienced reporter lost in the middle of a forest/scene of the crime with just a Handycam.

and every year i realized how you have grown in the industry. no matter how others view your personality, i will always understand that. PS i know how much you wanted to do Tantei Gakuen Q again and i hope your wish will be granted. and I just watched Grosshopper, you were totally different and I love it.

And all I could say was, yes, that intense fear was true. Yamada wanted him, that much was certain, and yet Chinen couldn’t give them both what they sought. They can put someone's whole career in jeopardy and even destroy it completely.

Some people were going through something as “crazy” as that. Recently, there had been too many rumours popping up around each and every member, especially about one certain member.

also please update the award section he won Rookie actor of the year in Japan Movie Critics Award for his portrayal of Semi in Grasshopper. I think Nagisa is really fit in you since youre so kawaii lol. Since I watched Assassination Classroom, somehow i cant get my eyes off to you so i also watch some of your dramas like Tantei Gakuen Q ( the 14 yrs old yamada is supeeeer cute) Kindaichi and Scrap Teacher. I also watch some of your videos together with Hey Say Jump in youtube and youre very cuteeee. i also hope you can come to philippines T_T LOVEEEEE YOUUU Congratulations on Ansatsu Kyoshitsu and Grasshopper!

(i don care about those who thinks its crappy ..go away! waiting for a drama series/movie with Shida Mirai and you in it! I just started to look into Yamada Ryosuke like two days ago.

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Tour**This is based off of SEVERAL anonymous requests on my Tumblr! i love yamada and the rest of HSJ, and i do understand about the boyfriend thing, but 4 u crazy fangirls out there like me, WAKE UP and just CHEER HIM AND THE REST OF THE HSJ as their FANS. cuz really, even if u do confess 2 them, they wont even bother on really saying "yes" 2 u, plus Johnny's E. Daisukiii ryo-chan~~ ♥♥♥♥♥ i don't know what to say because i really really really really love you and i want to meet you in real life soooo much....hopefully i'll be able to come to tokyo and take your heart away ♥♥♥♥♥ ryosuke-kun, honto ni daisuki ..omedetoo..i know you have no time for things like these but hoping though that someday you'd be able to read these things.many guys love you,and so, you must stay as humble as possible,be as who you are.the best of what you do.positive as often..can do it - - opps! he is the first of my dreams, and i can't finish my dreams without him.. i hope everytime..iam watching the same sky at night...wishing under the same star... he doesn't even know that i exist, but, just like you, i won't also give up.. SOME THINK THIS IS WEIRD AND 'CORNY', BUT IF THEY LOOK INTO THEIR HEARTS, THEY WOULD REALIZE THEY'RE JUST LIKE US. everytime a blog about him and shida mirai arise.heart and soul are in deep burden... How those hips were everything in the little bubble of his world, and he needed nothing more.It was meant to be a late-night programme, another episode on a bunch of rumours and nonsense, another weekend spent fishing for ratings from lovers of the supernatural. hope to watch his new movies n drama & songs in the future... when i noticed that he was kinda hurt , i just said " but i do love you " and eventually he smiled =)) cheezy, right ?? you are all fans of Ryosuke but, does anyone have his e-mail adress ? sorry for my bad english iloveyou but says, "cuz really, even if u do confess 2 them, they wont even bother on really saying "yes" 2 u, plus Johnny's E. " I won't say anything against you but except for the your last statement.. but its kinda creepy-- for u guys 2 say things like u want him 2 b urs.. i daydream about stuff like dating them too like u guys but i dont really announce it here [i jst did but] cuz if he really does see this and hav some1 translate it, DUDES he will get PREAKED OUT. does i have a chance to be with him and share m life with?? call me anything you whant.ive been chasing after ryosuke yamada my whole life.still 14 years old.i can feel the passion of love within me towards him.. dnt know what he meant by that) Situation he falls in love in: Starts as friends Hair cut for girls: Short Fashion of girls: Sneakers, Jeans and small purse for cellphone and wallet...


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