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Several of these drugs have powerful pain relieving effects and so are used frequently to treat equines that are in severe abdominal pain (colic), and not responsive to other pain relieving medications.

Sedatives’ pain relieving effects usually are relatively short-lived.

They tend to be less sensitive to the drugs and thus require higher doses to achieve the same effect.

Different breeds and individual horses also show different sensitivity to these drugs.

The same effects occurred when I accidentally pricked myself with a needle but did not inject the medication.

In rare cases, there is need for longer-term tranquilization (for an anxious horse that must be stall confined while healing).This goes for trainers, vets, farriers and everyone else who handles horses.It follows that it is a bad idea to sedate or tranquilize horses and then ride them.Once these receptors are saturated by the drugs or by epinephrine (adrenaline)- released into the blood when the horse is excited or nervous- then further dosing does not cause increasing effect.So once a horse is very excited, it may not respond to even very high doses of these drugs.YOUR ROLE Be aware of the power (and danger) of these drugs.


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