Seniors with herpes dating

So yeah, it seems as if most seniors are a little bit behind the times when it comes to knowing which sexual activities can and can’t cause problems. As mentioned earlier, STD rates are rising for seniors all over the US and also in the UK (and probably in other industrialized nations as well).

That said, this increase is significantly more prevalent in areas where retirees have formed large communities.

In some ways it looks as if the hard-partying denizens of Animal House have simply moved their shenanigans into the Shady Palms Retirement Villa.

In fact, the main difference between our senior communities and our undergraduate college campuses may be that in the malls, parks, and other social milieus of Tampa, Scottsdale, and Palm Springs there aren’t a bunch of well-intentioned people passing out condoms and safer-sex informational brochures. Growing older and wiser doesn’t make people any less susceptible to communicable diseases.

Plus, we’ve got a plethora of potent little pills that facilitate matters for men who might otherwise be flying half-mast.

Like it or not, testosterone supplements and medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra do their jobs, and usually rather well. In addition to being more interested in sex and also more able to sexually perform, today’s seniors are woefully undereducated about STDs on every level (signs, symptoms, etc.) They seem to believe that if pregnancy is not an issue, game on!

He has also provided clinical multi-addiction training and behavioral health program development for the US military and treatment centers throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Not only are seniors having sex with seniors, they are in the online dating and cheating sites!

As such, as far as the AARP generation is concerned, if tonight’s lucky lady is post-menopausal (no danger of pregnancy), then there’s no need for a condom and hooray for us old folks for not having to worry about that.

Plus, there are other aging-related health issues that can complicate matters—everything from heart disease to liver damage to diabetes to whatever else you can think of.

Making matters worse is the fact that STDs can be asymptomatic for lengthy periods, meaning they often go untreated. Firstly, it increases the odds of passing the STD along to some other unsuspecting soul.

And it’s not just older men who are sexually proactive via medication. The children and grandchildren of these folks typically received relatively useful sex education in school, including “safe sex” talks, but today’s seniors did not.

Older women are happily using progesterone and estrogen creams along with numerous other potions and products that both keep them more interested in sex and make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Instead, they got 8mm hygiene films that chided “Dirty Davey” for not washing his hands before lunch.


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