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Isreal’s family members collaborated with Gordon to hold a tribute tournament last summer in Isreal’s name, and the tournament was so well-received that they decided to make it an annual event to raise money for the Cameron Isreal Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to men’s basketball student-athletes each year.

The 2nd Annual “Play for Cam” Basketball Tournament will feature a three-point shooting contest, dunk contest, and a tournament that will guarantee each team a minimum of two games to play over the two days.

Quite simply, according to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, he just doesn't have the money.

Another challenge to the proper use of body cams are the policies and procedures surrounding its use.

(KSAZ) - Police have arrested two men accused of child sex trafficking multiple victims in Arizona and Texas.

Mesa police say 24-year-old Oshay Small and 21-year-old Cornelius Wells were arrested near Metro Center Mall following a five-month investigation into the sexual exploitation and trafficking of 15-year-old girls through the website

“Accountability is only possible if those who need to see the footage actually have access to it,” he said.

A report by The Leadership Council for Human Rights shows that all of the Arizona departments studied (in this case, 3 of the 50 departments the list looks at were in Arizona: Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson) rank low for their policies about body cams.

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Hundreds attended a pair of funeral services for Isreal-one in the Phoenix area, and one on the east coast.Proceeds from the tournament will go towards a scholarship at the college in Isreal’s name.Isreal came to the Bears in 2011-12 and redshirted that season.In a recent report, many districts studied have either not made policies or have failed to follow them, in a trend that Harlan Yu, a technologist for the consulting firm that developed the report, calls “concerning”.Many departments do not allow their footage to be released to the public, and even some that are supposed to retain footage do not.Video storage alone costs these departments from 00 to ,000 annually, and it is seen as money that could be spent better elsewhere.


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