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https:// Progress this expansion: AOTC Trial of Valor AOTC Nighthold 3/9 HC Tomb of Sargeras Raiding Currently we raid two times per week.Monday - - PST Thursday - - PST Dungeons and Mythic Dungeons go hand-in-hand with raid progression, we like to do dungeons together to help each other gear up. *****GIRLS***** We have a large number of female gamers who do not have to worry about harrasment of any kind..just will not tolerate this... We do random guild events with prizes up to and including a FREE MONTH OF WOW! ) We have quite a bit of fun when we get together, as we always have over the years! **** (We are just huge nerds who see ourselves as badass warriors! *** Keep eye out for Barcat, one of our casual members and professional mount hoarder and his youtube channel for these vids! We love all aspects of Wo W and are currently mostly 10man raiding since our focus is to raid without PUGs. seriously) As always we are recruiting raiders and non raiders. Tired of the ridiculous harassment from the opposite sex? MEGA amounts of fun there, alot of us use our mains to carry this raid and help gear these raiders up! (Best transmog wins), Old Raids for Transmog gear & Mythic Plus runs. Swiper#1939 - Deni#1743 - Loki#15391 ***Newest video highlighting some of our girls! ) ******We also have one of our members who has published some 'how to' videos for certain in game mounts!! Just send a message in game to twiztedmindz or reply on here. dejay#1864Guild of friendly and kind adults looking for like-minded adults to join us. Recruiting 2nd tank and melee dps for core raid(others too) Recruiting CASUAL players looking for a guild that 'feels' like a home! We're new so we only have eleven members as of now, but we share A LOT of materials and do a ton of activities Ex. Current Goals: Heroic guild looking to farm/clear heroic and CASUAL Mythic proggression soon Hey everyone, me and some friends decided to make a new guild called Arceran.

In-Game Schedule: • Monday through Friday: (Evening) p.m. (PST) • Server: Skywall / Drak'thul • Weekends: All Open. Looking For: • Friendly players who encapsulate a positive attitude and family style environment.We value playing well and game progression as we are currently 3/9H To S and looking to increase our numbers to eventually delve into mythic progression.Please feel free to check our progressive of tiers below via the link.As for what we're looking for, something on the more casual side, our work schedules may not allow us to make many raids but if it works out, we'd like to do that. Sadly drama killed the guild a lot,people stop playing or xfer. I prefer a guild that is planning on hitting Tomb hard, while having the mindset that I need to gear up/level.I find it interesting that y'all have members and even 110s? About me: I have raided mythic throughout Legion, but I want a fresh start. Also recruiting a DPS main willing to maintain and play a DPS and Tanking OS.


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