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Drew claimed he was innocent and has tried to appeal the case many times.Robin Murphy testified against the rest of the cult members and was given a lighter sentence.At first the rituals involved sex and drugs, but things took a turn for the worse when Drew decided there needed to be human sacrifices.The first to die was 19-year-old prostitute Donna Levesque.On that fateful night, Marsden’s head was beaten in with a rock, before Drew broke her neck with his bare hands.According to cult devotee and prostitute Robin Murphy, Drew finally handed her a knife and ordered her to slit Marsden’s throat.The pair performed rituals in which they would drink each other’s blood.

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On November 25, 1996, Ferrell and his vampire clan, which consisted of Scott Anderson and two teenage girls, drove to Wendorf’s home.The girls took the car and brought Wendorf to see her boyfriend so she could say goodbye.Meanwhile, Ferrell and Anderson walked into the house, where Ferrell grabbed a crowbar and beat 49-year-old Richard Wendorf to death as he lay asleep on the couch.Her hands were bound and her head was beaten in with a rock.Her body was dumped under the bleachers at a local high school. The second murder tied to the cult was that of Barbara Raposa in November 1979.The cult’s third victim was 22-year-old Karen Marsden, who was killed in February 1980.


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