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I wanted to cry." Carmen – sex trafficking survivor and Polaris spokesperson – shares part two of her story.

Consejo Ciudadano to support Mexico’s first national human trafficking hotline.

These victims are deceived and enticed with false promises of romantic relationships, good jobs, or safe passage to the U. Often without immigration status, money, or English language skills, and facing extreme threats of violence to themselves or their families in their home countries, these women become trapped in modern-day slavery.

Latino communities, young women and girls are preyed on and recruited into human trafficking networks that sell sex in residential brothels, in bars or cantinas, through escort services, and in other venues across the U. Criminal networks and individual traffickers target vulnerable young women and girls, often struggling with poverty, a history of sexual or physical abuse, or a lack of opportunity, and exploit them for profit.

This adult travel guide by Mister Bill introduces newbies to bars with lapdance and available easy women. Read More and view images » Cool blog about hookers in Tijuana.

It shows pictures of many establishments and provides advice about proper conduct. Read More and view images » Table dance club on Calle Coahuila inside infamous TJ Zona Roja Club Hong Kong bears the reputation as one of the hottest brothels in Central America. Taking them outside for a session inside luxurious Hotel Cascadas' Master Suite causes mayor damage to every wallet. The webmaster compiled reports, Youtube videos and some other resources to write up basic facts about the red-light district "Zona Norte" aka "Cahuila".


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