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Like every morning when I woke up before her I would just cuddle her from behind and said 'I love you'.

Buy small little gifts here and now to surprise her.

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She said now finally after so many years of marriage that she felt really loved as a woman and our relationship was at the closest, even better than our courting years. Bad marriage sex life is often an indication of deeper relationship issues between you and your wife. I created this new account just to post this to protect the confidentiality of me and my wife, but what I am going to type is my genuine advice for you.Until an event happened in our life, perhaps a divine intervention as we are both staunch Christians, and I was forced to look at my relationship with my wife again.That was when I realised that although I still loved my wife dearly and she did too, the feelings and the spark in our initial years were long gone.Champagne, roses, chocolates, leave small romantic notes when she wake up (get poems from pinterest), scented candles in room at night... There were quite a few quarrels because of this and our marriage was quite strained because of this.Most women really do not like it when their husbands just treat them as sperm bucket and my wife included.All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.


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