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However I managed to fool the scammer by Google Image photos.

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I did that, and many close friends are extremely understanding and supportive; no-so-familar friends don't really care, they would just ignore your message and totally forget about it in a few days - after all you are not Kim Kadashan and no one is interested in you naked. Be calm and gather the scammer's finance details So the scammer wants money and it won't be a face-to-face transaction. All finance facility that supports International Transfer would require identity to-some-degree and will not allow complete anonymity.

Even if the scammer does post the video, the damage can be well-contained.

Search your name in Google in the next 1~2 weeks after the incident, just to make sure.

„Oftmals dürfte noch nicht einmal die Frau in der Webcam live sein sondern per Mitschnitt abgespielt werden“, so die Polizei.

Die Fahnder schätzen die Chancen als „sehr gering“ ein, dass die Täter geschnappt werden können.


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