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—Jennie Rothenberg Gritz This piece of yours actually began as a blog post. She was talking about the signs that your partner might be addicted to pornography, and almost as a throwaway comment in the course of the piece she talked about how people have different expectations about pornography.

A lot of people, a lot of women especially, would feel really betrayed, she said, if they discovered that their partner was using pornography frequently—they would consider it a form of adultery.

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Julian Sanchez, a libertarian blogger, and an acquaintance of mine, responded that this was self-evidently the most ridiculous thing: How could anyone possibly believe that pornography is the same as adultery? Or, if not, is there a continuum and where does pornography fall?

And so then I embarked—in my role as the token social conservative scold in the D. blogging world, I suppose—on a series of posts trying to tease out the implications of this issue. And so out of this came the longer essay, which tries to explore the topic in more depth and hopefully come to a somewhat nuanced conclusion. Playing video games that are violent could arguably be on the same continuum as committing murder. My argument is essentially that if you do posit a continuum of infidelity, looking at hardcore pornography is much closer to straightfoward infidelity than playing Medal of Honor is to actually gunning somebody down.

These days, argues Ross Douthat in the October Atlantic, the barrier between fantasy and infidelity is becoming less and less solid.

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