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The ability to change these ratios in the Autostar allows the use of a wide range of worm gear sizes to be used in building a Go To mount.1.36889 To calculate new ratios for the DS motors take the known ratio of 1.36889 and divide by 60.

Reid’s team found a large stone pestle, crab claws, oysters, nerite shells, bird and mammal bones, a sandstone adze which is used for smoothing rough wood, quartz and flint stone flakes, and red ochre.

Reid has found several sites of archaeological importance and has documented his researches in a book called .

Proof of the earliest settlers in the Caribbean is not solely found in Banwari Trace.

Basil Reid has unearthed ancient artifacts in an area about five kilometers away from Banwari Trace.

A calibrated radiocarbon date is one that has been calibrated to the tree-ring record to adjust for variations in the concentration of atmospheric C-14 over time.

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