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The cop whose acquittal on Friday over the 2011 shooting of a black man has led to massive protests in St Louis says he has nothing to apologize for.Jason Stockley, now 36, shot Anthony Lamar Smith, 24, on December 20, 2011 after a drug deal bust spiraled into a car chase.For Stockley, the shooting has had a profound effect on his day-to-day living.'My life has been in turmoil for some time,' he said. Here's where you can meet singles in Saint Louis, Missouri.And if things go right, perhaps a date and a relationship!

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But he told the St Louis Post-Dispatch that their anger is misplaced, and said he was speaking out 'Because I did nothing wrong.Stockley said he already knew what the gun looked like and wanted to make sure Smith hadn't thrown it out of the window, and that the only thing he would do differently is 'take the day off.' 'I don’t know how changing any number of my actions that day would have changed the outcome,' he said.He does acknowledge that the video doesn't put the killing in an entirely favorable light, but says that's common to every piece of dashcam video.'Every resisting [arrest] looks bad, it never looks good,' he said. Someone who takes care of himself, has an independent nature and would enjoy a variety of activities (hiking, biking, concerts, movies, etc.) from time to time.Looking to explore desires, satisfy longings and expand my horizons with a compatible friend. Looking to settle down with a man and making a life together.If you’re telling the truth and you’ve been wrongly accused, you should shout it from a mountaintop.' Because I did nothing wrong.


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