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Because New York is a melting pot of so many different cultures and ethnicities, the city has some of the most diverse and beautiful women in the world., sweating away life’s problems in a baking-hot sauna is an essential part of the Swedish experience.Often they’ll wrap a towel around their dangly bits, and in certain cases, bikinis and swimming shorts are worn too.Attitudes towards nakedness are also changing, and in many cases young people are now more likely to cover up than older generations. Well, a lot depends on the context of when and where the sauna session takes place.That doesn’t mean you have to forget about what you wear on your way to the changing room, though – there’s more on Swedish fashion here.Swedes aren’t always completely naked in the (sauna).

The phone number was set up to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Sweden becoming the first country to abolish censorship.The number has proven popular, with so far over 9,000 calls made since it began on April 6, clocking over 16 hours of chat time between callers and a random Swede.Among the suggested topics of conversation are: northern lights, hiking, suicide rates, gay rights and darkness.The only sensible option is to disrobe and act like you do this every day.Don’t, whatever you do, be the guy who sits there in his underpants surrounded by naked people.But now my apartment is maybe 50 per cent."The BBC were also intrigued by the random Swede hotline and gave the number a go."Hello, am I talking to a Swedish person? my name is Peter, I'm 60 years old nearly, and I am a typical Swedish man.


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