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(He was a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and had been captain of the Rattler football team).In 1999 he received a Juris Doctor degree from the Detroit College of Law (now the Michigan State University College of Law).

His campaign staff consisted of high school classmates Derrick Miller and Christine Beatty, who became his legislative aide; later, Kilpatrick had an affair with Beatty.Toward the end of the speech, Kilpatrick deviated from the transcript given to the media to address the scandal and controversy surrounding his years in office.Kilpatrick stated that the media were focusing on only the controversies as a spectacle to increase their viewership.In July 2006, Kilpatrick was hospitalized and diagnosed with diverticulitis while in Houston, Texas.His personal physician indicated that Kilpatrick's condition may have been caused by a high-protein weight-loss diet.He implied such statements were akin to "a lie" that Jewish people caused Germany's problems in the 1930s, leading to the Holocaust in Europe. Kilpatrick and his opponent Freman Hendrix, both Democrats, each initially claimed victory.


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