Transsexuals in prison dating

I.'s (William Bendix, Dennis O'Keefe) fight for the affections of the same woman (Helen Walker), but they are confined to the army base.

They find a chance to sneak away when they sign up for the "Marine Follies" as Chorus Girls.

Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) want to guillotine the new baby so they dress him up like Marie Antoinette.

The baby is played by female twins Kaitlyn/Kristen Hooper.

Hans-Jorg (Moritz Bleibtreu) is a sex-addicted librarian, Werner (Herbert Knaup) is a politician in a dysfunctional family, and Agnes (Martin Weib) is a transsexual nightclub dancer.

True to its German origin, it's fairly depressing throughout (although a somewhat hopeful ending) but aggravating in the fact that Agnes is the least focused on with no story on her history, motivations, or where she is heading.

Deleted scenes include Jackie Beat playing fugly "Rebecca" who is attending a help group and whining about troubles with her boyfriend.

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At one point he needs to escape from town, so he dresses up as a harem girl to get past the guards.

It's a rather bizarre movie that doesn't quite fit together right.

TR:4.0 10 Attitudes (2001): Josh (Jason Stuart) is a gay man who is looking for love via a dating marathon.

I usually don't mention things this short, but thought it only fair I warn everyone how bad this movie is...

I think it was supposed to be comedy, but it didn't seem to contain anything funny. TR:0.2 Abroad With Two Yanks (1944): Two American G.


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