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All you need to get started as a freelance writer is good writing skills, a computer, and an internet facility.There are several websites that you can source for freelance writing jobs; websites such as freelance.com, o and Another business to business service related business that an entrepreneur should consider starting is a freelance researching business.So if you are starting this type of business, ensure that you are well positioned and you won’t struggle much to attract clients.The truth is that once businesses see results from your services, they will surely patronize your services.Haulage business is all about transporting goods from one location to another location.

For example; a young college graduate who is finding it difficult to secure a great job, need not struggle for so long trying to get employed.Are you interested in starting a business in the service industry?If YES, here are 50 service business ideas with high return on investment that you can start with little capital in 2017.All he or she needs to do is to look for a service based business to start.This is a business that requires little or no capital to commence.So with little, he or she can successfully launch it.


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