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You have to be accommodating to people from different cultures,” she explained to reporters.

Olga has also become somewhat of a celebrity in Swedish refugee camps.

and Canada, muscular strength has hit a plateau and muscular endurance — the ability to repeatedly exert force, such as doing sit-ups — has declined by 8 to 10 per cent since the Eighties,’ says Dr Grant Tomkinson, senior lecturer in health sciences at the University of South Australia, a leading researcher on trends in fitness over time.

This resistance exercise, as it is known, triggers muscle growth by causing small amounts of trauma to the muscles — the body repairs the damage by adding protein strands to the muscle to increase its strength and size.

“Everybody knows Miss Sharmuta” acknowledged Ahmed Samir, a 26-year-old refugee from Libya.

“The Syrians affectionately call me Miss Sharmuta, a term which refers to kindness or benevolence” she admits, visibly proud.

Without families, there are no children and hence the population falls.

The high property prices also causes high living costs; every retail commodity will be more expensive because all businesses will pay rent for the premises in which they operate, be it retail or commercial.

Muscles are the ‘scaffolding’ that holds the body up, vital for protecting the joints and bones, and it’s essential to start building muscle in early life to avoid miserable repercussions.

The solution to fix this problem is for the government to levy expensive taxes on properties that are empty so it becomes economically not viable for property developers to sit on vacant premises for prolonged periods of time. Tags: government, hk, hong kong, property, property prices, too high This entry was posted on Friday, October 3rd, 2008 at pm and is filed under Business in Hong Kong, Politics in Hong Kong.

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“I started with one young migrant and invited him to sleep with me.

I then told him to ask his friends and family if they knew anyone who would want to repeat the experience and since that day, I’ve had regular visitors every day of the week.” The 88-year-old has also tried to recruit other women to help her in her mission.


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