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She said "For a couple that went through so much tragedy and heartache, it's so nice to see a happy ending for Lucas and Vanessa, and adding to their family which is growing rapidly." Vanessa meets Lucas Fitzgerald in Charlie's and they have a one-night stand.

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Of how Vanessa breaks the news to Lucas, Sumarwata explained "She is determined to reveal her news.She believes that no matter what Lucas's reaction is, he deserves to know she is carrying his child.She has no ill feelings towards him and tries to be as easy-going as possible by bringing up casual and random topics of conversation.The actress also revealed that to portray Vanessa's condition she had to wear a false stomach and added that the one consolation with the pregnancy was that she could take it off at the end of the day.He stated "He finds her attractive, and she takes the mickey out of him - that's good for Rhys. Vanessa also exposes a rare vulnerability in Rhys, so there's a risk he could get hurt and lash out in other ways." Of how Vanessa feels about Rhys, Sumarwata revealed "She has been quite torn and also not sure of his motives in these very unusual circumstances.She agreed to go along with her mother's plans because she does not want to bring up her child without her family around her.


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