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Mention of the line that left readers in no doubt what Lewis thought of frivolous girls provokes a giggle from this blue-eyed, brown-haired teenager in her hoop earrings and black, high-heeled boots.‘I’m not totally “nylons and lipstick” orientated like Susan,’ she protests playfully.‘He’s quite new, so I won’t talk about him as the publicity would freak him out,’ she grins.

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I think it’s sad, but it’s also realistic for Susan at that stage in her life to go back into the real world and forget about Narnia,’ she says. But, to be honest, although I’ve had a really wonderful time making the movies, I sort of feel ready to move on.

‘At least I didn’t have to run up and down hills wearing a suit of armour, like the boys,’ she points out.

‘There were 500 people on the battlefield one day and it was so hot and crazy that there were some injuries – but nothing too bad.’ The filming proved to be a particularly poignant time for Anna, because Prince Caspian will mark her swan song as Susan; as all devotees of C S Lewis’s seven chronicles of Narnia know, Susan only appears in two of the novels.

We’ve met in at her first grown-up fashion shoot, to celebrate her transition from child star to full-time student, and in fact she couldn’t look more contented and happy with what seems to me like a new-found freedom.

Her departure from the Narnia series was a genuine case of life imitating art – since Anna, like the fictional Susan, was developing other interests anyway and felt ready for a change (she went to Oxford University to study English two months after finishing the filming).


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