Who is ernie valens dating

The long train and her updo brought plenty of glamour to the look.

Rooney Mara was a total stunner in a slinky lace gown that looked perfect on her svelte figure.

Keane, swayed by the Little Richard connection, went to see Valenzuela play a Saturday morning matinée at a movie theater in San Fernando.

Impressed by the performance, he invited Ritchie to audition at his home in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, where he had a small recording studio in his basement.

He re-strung the instrument, and taught Ritchie the fingerings of some chords.

Brought up hearing traditional Mexican mariachi music, as well as flamenco guitar, R&B and jump blues, he expressed an interest in making music of his own by the age of 5.

He was encouraged by his father to take up guitar and trumpet, and later taught himself the drums.

Due to his high-energy performances, Valenzuela earned the nickname "The Little Richard of the Valley".

In May 1958, Bob Keane, the owner and President of Del-Fi Records, a small Hollywood record label, was given a tip about a young performer from Pacoima by the name of Richard Valenzuela.


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