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Women, with proof of a college degree, pay about a month for unlimited messaging and access.For guys, Sparkology requires not only proof of a college degree but a degree from ’s top national and regional universities with a few international schools thrown in the mix.My next date was with an Indian doctor who looked just like Dev Patel. It was that we didn’t have the chemistry it takes to spur a relationship.

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Writing things in threes is a big marketing tactic, and it’s all about marketing yourself.” I didn’t include anything in my initial profile about specific activities, but after our call, where I elaborated on some things I found fun to do in the city, she emailed me this sentence: “Part of staying in the know is partaking in cultural activities: you know, doing The Color Run, checking out Rain Room, or indulging in a cronut.”Her other biggest piece of advice was to hit the ground running.

These days, it's not enough just to create an online dating community of users looking for love.

There’s got to be a hook, and Sparkology's schtick is pretty intriguing: All members must be college educated and can only join the site if they’re lucky enough to score an invite from someone cool enough to have already gotten one.

Not even 10 minutes into being there, I felt zero sparkage. But, all of the dates were at fancy, expensive restaurants with cocktails and even when l suggested grabbing pizza to eat in the park one night, he chose a pricey sushi place instead and — our sparks fizzled out quicker than I could finish my spicy tuna.

I stayed, of course, and endured a lecture from him about going vegan, and why the confusion between omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids was the biggest problem facing the modern world. The problem wasn’t, of course, the guys as people — no one totally sucked.


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