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I made a new char and managed to make 50g just from items I gathered getting to level 10. - Chris Secret Gold Guide Updates Receive instant online 24/7 access to all new patch and expansion updates to the guide.

This will ensure you are prepared and on top of your game.

The Miner's Companion Receive instant online 24/7 access to The Miner's Companion, an essential guide for anyone seeking to level up their mining from 1-525.

I cant wait to see what else it has to offer, but I'm expecting I will be quite rich in not too long a time! - Geoffrey First off I wanna say that your guide truly did help.

I was in my 3rd week playing the game and my friend kept loaning me money for mounts/gear things like that.

This will ensure you never waste a minute of your valuable time (or gold for that matter) leveling up any of crafting professions.

Herbalist's Handbook Receive instant online 24/7 access to The Herbalist's Handbook, an herbalism guide designed to show you how to level your herbalism as fast as possible from 1-525.


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