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(Of course, the heteronormative focus of this causes the idea to fall apart as soon as homo- and bisexuality are introduced into the mix, to say nothing of trans men and women…

but hey, why let facts get in the way of closely held beliefs?

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Although all important political and social changes of the 20th century included heated debates on the role of love, it seems that in the 21st century of new technologies of the self (Grindr, Tinder, online dating, etc.) we are faced with a hyperinflation of sex, not love.

By going back to the sexual revolution of the October Revolution and its subsequent repression, to Che s dilemma between love and revolutionary commitment and to the period of 68 (from communes to terrorism) and its commodification in late capitalism, the Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat gives a possible answer to the question of why it is that the most radical revolutionaries like Lenin or Che were scared of the radicality of love.

What is so radical about a seemingly conservative notion of love and why is it anything but conservative?

I just started talking to people in clubs about marriage, how they met, online dating, etc. I quickly realized it’d be great to make it a part of the show.

I didn’t know if it’d work in theatres without video screens or whatever, but its been great. I’ve gotten good at dealing with whatever details people give me, I haven’t had a problem so far.


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