Xbmc updating to eden

In the Open ELEC settings you have the option to enable automatic or manual updates.

If Automatic updates option is enabled, Open ELEC will check online for an update.

The automatic update function will not make a major update from 4.0/4.2 software towards 5.0.

In Open ELEC navigate to system / system info / video, note down your GPU model and locate it in one of the following lists: If your GPU is listed ONLY in the Nvidia_Legacy 64bit (x86_64) list then that is the version you should use.If it finds one the update will be downloaded and prepared.You will then be notified that a reboot is required to apply the update.Note: Automatic update will not happen for a major update where system consistency across software versions cannot be guaranteed (for example, version 4.2.1 will not automatically update to version 5.0).Note: Automatic updates are also available for the beta and release candidate versions.Open ELEC will recognize the new software package in the update folder and update automatically.


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